Meat á la Mode by Kristina Von Kroug

Inspired by family traditions as well as by historical recipes and cooking techniques, Meat á la Mode puts a new twist on classic comfort food. My meat pies and savory ice creams explore the flavors of more rarely used game meats such as rabbit, oxtail, or alligator in addition to serving up childhood favorites like chicken noodle soup or macaroni and cheese -- all in pie form! Meat á la Mode strives to create a journey of taste encased in a golden, flaky crust.

Meat á la Mode's unique meat pies entice the discerning carnivore with mouth-watering flavor combinations, two types of pastry, and a decadent edible gold topping.

Keep watching -- I'm working hard to build a little emPIEre...

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Dolla (holla!) and a Dream...

Here is what the masses are missing out on (take note all ye with extra cash to invest in a delicious product and a dream...). I will post some of my vegetarian offerings below as well...

Not all of these will always come with the ice cream, nor do they have to come with it -- but I assure you... they are flippin' decadent... a lovely compliment to an already amazing pie... Think about a dollop of Daisy sour cream on your baked potato... It's like that, ONLY BETTER.

  • White (wine) Rabbit Pie ***AWARD WINNING***
  • Lamb Cherry Pie with Rosemary Ice Cream
  • Lobster/Seafood Pie with Bacon Ice Cream
  • Ham and Cheese Pie
  • Meatloaf Shepherds Pie with Whipped Potato Crust and Roasted Tomato-Basil Ice Cream
  • Mince Meat Pie
  • Turkey Chili Pie with Honey Buttered Corn Ice Cream
  • Tortilla Chicken Pie with Lime Cayenne Ice Cream
  • Oxtail Pie with Dill Ice Cream
  • Fried Chicken or Pork Chop Pie with Pink Peppercorn Potato Ice Cream
  • Duck Pie with Wild Rice
  • German Style Pie (Bierocks!) with ground beef and cabbage -or- sausage, sauerkraut and potato
  • Haggis Pie (Americanized...somewhat)
  • Pork Chops and Applesauce
  • Sweet and Sour BBQ Pork

... okay, okay, I'll give you a few examples of my minimal meat/vegetarian options:

  • Caprese Pie with Tomato-Basil Sorbet
  • Mushroom and White Wine Pie
  • Potato and Cheese Pie with Sour Cream and Chive Ice Cream
  • Fennel Veggie Pie
  • Veggie Curry Pie
  • Mac and Cheese Pie with Salmon Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bierocks Rock!

Seeing that I am of German heritage, I decided that it was time to develop a so-themed pie with beef, taters, cabbage and the like -- the results are predictably astounding, though this pie does have a far more rustic flavor than my usual delicacies. It is still in development, though ready for public taste-testing asap!

My next recipe is going to take a lot more tweaking than the Bierock (or Fleischpastete, or whatever the politically correct term is...) -- Haggis Pie, my friends... Haggis Pie. My genuine Scottish acquaintance, musician Aldo Cruickshank, has promised to send me haggis secrets so that I might add some authenticity to my recipe-in-progress, lord knows I could use more credibility...

Monday, September 21, 2009

...Say It with Meat Pie

Hundreds of new pie tins arrived today! Tiny tins of savory meat pie deliciousness will be available shortly -- There are some more people who deserve a basket o' pie from me -- an edible telegram of sorts...

Did you ever have a big "Thanks" or "Hey There, Stranger" or "I Love You" to share with someone and you weren't quite sure how to get your message across?

...Say It with Meat Pie...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amazing Feat Accomplished TODAY!

I have just succeeded in making one of the most elusive of all Midwestern treats! I believe this shall join my pie menu -- I'll give you a hint: It's hot, it's golden, it's incredibly popular and sought after, and (to my knowledge) this dish cannot be found anywhere in Oregon!

I'm bringing it!

Will post photos eventually...don't want to give too much away...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Duck Pie with Wild Rice courtesy of the inspiration I've received from my friends and family in Minnesota -- Love to all -- Pies for all!