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Inspired by family traditions as well as by historical recipes and cooking techniques, Meat á la Mode puts a new twist on classic comfort food. My meat pies and savory ice creams explore the flavors of more rarely used game meats such as rabbit, oxtail, or alligator in addition to serving up childhood favorites like chicken noodle soup or macaroni and cheese -- all in pie form! Meat á la Mode strives to create a journey of taste encased in a golden, flaky crust.

Meat á la Mode's unique meat pies entice the discerning carnivore with mouth-watering flavor combinations, two types of pastry, and a decadent edible gold topping.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hungry Hiker? From Dust to Dinner, This Pie is a Winner!

As a child I was fascinated with freeze dried food. I was a weird kid. Anyway, over the years I have picked up my share of camper's food packets, astronaut ice cream and dehydrated beer powder (yes, it exists!). This week at New Seasons I picked up a bag of chicken pot pie -- how could I NOT?!?

It was one of the best dust-to-dinner meals I've had the pleasure of eating while pretending to be lost in the woods (I am a weird adult too).

If you are a hiker, camper, survivalist, don't own a refrigerator or you are just putting together your survival box for the 'End Times', check out Hungry Hikers Chicken Pot Pie meal. It is a lightweight, dehydrated meal that only requires some boiling water to make a convenient bag-o-pie (okay, it's really not a pie, so much as a dinner made up of the flavors of the innards of a chicken pie... but, you'll get the picture):

The potatoes are rehydrated to reveal that they are actually garlic mashed potatoes! The garlic flavor isn't too strong though, once that herbed chicken gravy hits it, it smells pretty freaking good.

Pour that chicken on top with the veggies and gravy and you've got yourself a colorful meal loaded with protein (ok, it's also loaded with sodium and some MSG, but c'mon people, it's the End Times, we're surviving, this is the freaking wilderness! Would you rather have a balanced meal or keep picking up that hot dog you've been toting around in your cooler that looked a little green before you dropped it in the fire a couple times and pulled it out with a stick to eat it anyway?! Okay, that sounds kind of good to me too! Geez! But the Hungry Hiker packet is mucho classier so stop being so cheap!!!! Oh yeah, these aren't cheap @ $8.99, but they feed two and last for a darn long time -- GOOD DEAL). Remember, we are camping/hiking/surviving the apocalypse in this scenario...

This meal is super tasty! The sweet corn, peas, and carrots come back to life with ease. It makes me want to be friends with the ladies that created these little packages of heaven -- I have some great recipe ideas for them!

side note: I would have maybe eased up on the herbs and seasoning and given the Hiker a packet to season as they wish, but there is a convenience level they are trying to achieve, I get that...

So, head to New Seasons and pick up one of their many varieties of Hungry Hiker meals and build a fort under your dining room table to eat them in!

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